The type of food cravings you have and what it says about your health


1. Craving for something?

It is hard to ignore cravings and the worst part is that cravings can happen anytime! Did it ever occur to you why you crave for potato fries, while your friend craves for Belgium chocolate cake? Today we tell you, there is a very good reason you should actually pay attention to your cravings. For all you know, it might tell you about your nutritional deficiency.

2. Why do we get cravings?

When you crave for something, it is a signal from your body that your diet isn’t right. For a diet to be deemed effective and worthy, it should contain all kinds of nutrients, vitamins, minerals. According to studies conducted worldwide, what we eat right now is 75% less diverse than earlier and that is the reason we crave for food at odd hours.

3. But don’t give in to those cravings yet!

Instead of just giving straight into those yummy cravings and hunger pangs and promising yourself to not let yourself indulge again, analyze the cravings and what your body is telling you. Remember, while actual hunger is linked to the stomach, your cravings are connected to the brain and is an indication that your body is out of sync. Below are some of the most commonly experienced food cravings and what they actually mean. If you find yourself craving for any of these, it is time to take a check!

4. When you crave chocolate

When you crave for chocolates, your body doesn’t really need chocolates but magnesium. Do you get angry and moody when you do not get your chocolate fix? It is an alarming indication of your body’s magnesium deficiency. Try to increase your intake of nuts, veggies, and fruits. Or, if you really must, have a bite of dark chocolate, one which contains 70% or more cocoa and magnesium content.

5. When you crave sugar

A little sweet fix here and there is okay but when you crave for sugary desserts (or just plain sugar), your body is telling you that you are lacking in chromium, and essential minerals like carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, and tryptophan, which is needed for brain health. We know that there is nothing like sweets to end a good or bad day but you should actually be having more of healthy veggies and beans. Make sure that you increase your intake of broccoli, grapes, chicken, raw fruits, dry fruits like raisins, almonds and walnuts. And do not forget spinach!

6. Bread, pasta and other carbs

Bread is the most popular carbohydrate source we eat on a regular basis and pasta (made out of refined flour) is also on the list. When there is a constant urge of eating something made of bread like pizza, it is a clear indication that your body needs nitrogen. Instead of binging on that cheesy or mayonnaise-laden sandwich, grab high protein foods like meat, fish, chia seeds or even fruits like apple or pear which will take care of your nitrogen deficiency.

7. Want to eat something spicy?

There are times when our hunger pangs only want deep-fried food and it is so hard to resist. Believe it or not, your body is not low on carbs and sodium but calcium. When you eat something like chips, which contain a high concentrate of sodium, your body confuses it to be calcium when in reality, you might be low on it. Hence, when facing this situation, it is best to eat something calcium-rich like raw milk, cheese, and certain fortified veggies.

8. Craving for salt?

If you are suddenly in the mood to eat something salty, you might be a little low on chloride and silicon levels. This craving is also common during pregnancy and can be heightened too. These cravings can be the result of stress and possibly low sodium levels as well.