The ONE cooking rule to make your noodles healthy


We all love feasting on pasta and noodles! How can you say no to something as yummy as these? But, we also know how unhealthy they are – that’s what we have been made to believe at least – blame the calories, the MSG and the excessive use of oil. But do you actually know if they are really bad for you? Or do they get excessive flak? We settle this debate right here and right now.

2. Adopt the 50:50 rule

According to nutritionist and health consultant Kavita Devgan, before you include pastas and noodles in your diet, make sure to follow the 50:50 rule and keep the ratio of grains and vegetables in your preparation equal. This way, you ensure that you take in the carbs and supplement the same with a good source of proteins and vegetables. You cut down on the carb content by half and the noodles and pastas don’t remain so unhealthy! This is the one rule you should absolutely adopt.

3. Why do pasta and noodles get a bad reputation?

The main reason why pasta and noodles are considered so unhealthy is because they are mostly store-bought, which go through cycles of preservation and treatments to make them fresher for longer. This also applies to the dishes you eat outside at cafes and restaurants! They are all made of refined flour, oil and carbs which are not good for your health. Plus, as a study mentioned, fried foods (junk) today contains way more calories than they did 30 years ago. Thus, most of us assume that there are no health benefits in them.

4. Home-made is the best!

But, we have to remember the rule of home-made. As long as you have it fresh and homemade, it cannot be that bad for you. When you make something at home, it obviously is much healthier than the outside food you get. So, there is no concrete proof to suggest that noodles and pasta are the worst foods off the rack. It all boils down to how you eat it and where you eat it.

5. Do not skip out on noodles like this!

A good diet involves a little bit of everything and doesn’t actually make you stay away from anything. That being said, it would be wrong to excuse yourself from taking servings of noodles just because they have carbs in them. Not all carbohydrates are bad for you. Remember, the key is moderation. No one food item is downright bad for you as long as you practice the art of moderation and portion control. When you eat high carb foods like these, you are also getting a good load of energy to get you through the day. Therefore, they are not so bad and culprit they are made out to be.

6. Pastas can be healthy too!

Another reason why you do no good excluding them from your diet altogether is because they too are a variant of our staple Indian food. A proper dinner plate includes a serving of roti and assorted vegetables and any noodle dish can be the same. The key is to prepare it at home. Adding a good variety of vegetables and even some protein sources like tofu or paneer does the trick well. Making a smarter choice with the oil you use can also help you stick with your diet. Altering your weekly dinners with such options can make you happy and your diet happy too!.

7. Make smart choices with your food

There are also some other changes you make to your pasta or noodles preparation to make it more healthy. For example, you can always choose the wheat variants instead of the refined flour versions to keep it more healthy. Also, the more vegetables you add, more will be the crunch and better the nutritional value.

8. Do not forget the tomatoes!

Tomatoes, which are loved all over and are a staple to any such preparation is something you must add at all costs. They are a good source of lycopene and essential vitamins needed for everyday diet. The same formula applies to any other breakfast preparations too such as oats, poha, upma or even millets. Just make sure to watch the cheese if you want to stay in shape! Happy eating!

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