Here are the five benefits of oiling your hair


Organically speaking: While the high-end and drugstore hair oils serve the purpose but they are nothing like how virgin oils of various kinds of work. It is highly advisable to go organic. The less processed your hair oil is, the more is the level of vitamins and micro-nutrients in it.

Deep conditioning: No matter how expensive and ‘herbal’ your shampoo, conditioner, serum, and other hair products are nothing can beat an age-old, hour-long champi and the work it does when it comes to revitalizing your tissues. Unlike chemically charged hair oils really go deep into our skin and penetrate it for the better.

Enhances blood circulation: One of the most important benefits of regular hair (oil) massage is that it improves and even enhances our blood circulation around the scalp area. Since the oil spreads evenly to almost all the corners of your scalp, the root of your hair manages to get the nutrients it rightly deserves.

Hair fall woes: Yet another benefit of oiling your hair regularly is that it makes a substantial contribution to the growth of your hair and also prevents hair fall. Pick the best variation that suits your scalp (and also depending on the hair problem that you are encountering at the moment) – olive, coconut, and even hair thickening oil – and use it on a regular basis.

Free from frizzles: Frizzy hair can be hard to control, especially when the weather gets hot and humid. Oiling your hair at night or an hour before bathing can help you tackle the problem to a large extent. If you are heading out and do not know what to do with your untamed hair, the trick is to take a small quantity of oil and run it all over your head but not too deeply.

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