GCUED announces partnership with Delay Foundation


Global Cultural Understanding and Economic Development (GCUED) has announced their partnership with the Delay Foundation.

The partnership is to assist in the re-engineering of Ghana’s health and education systems to inspire Ghanaians and to improve their standards of living.

The CEO of GCUED, Antoinette Pitcan said the partnership with Delay Foundation is to ensure Ghana achieves agenda 2030.

“Our motto; Dreams in the hands of doers comes from the fact that we actually do our organisation or foundation helps organisations to develop into being their own solutions,” she stated.

“We are charted in the UN 2030 agenda, the UN has embraced us effective three years ago they didn’t embrace us because we went there for them to embrace us, they actually embraced us before I got to know, because 5-years ago, I began a project which was an extension of afro-culture organisation which is about 30 years strong in new York, afro culture advocated for the rights of individuals, youth, entertainer and artist,” she stated.

She added that, their company takes into consideration different cultures across the globe before implementing their ideas and strategies.

“GCUED global understanding speaks to the idea of wanting to help but without understanding the cultures we are dealing with and understanding the dirt’s of people we cannot help, we need to understand the dynamics of what we are dealing with because every nation is different every need is different,” she stated.

Deloris Frimpong Manso, CEO of Delay foundation said their focus will be on the wellbeing of women, youth and children.

“I realized their vision and my vision are almost the same so when we merge and work together it will help for our work to move higher, they concentrate on the women, youth, children, issues concerning child birth and water which is basically what I also do,” she stated.

Delay added that, she is in the best position to help because she experienced poverty while growing up.

“I remember when I was a child I use to walk 3 hours to fetch water before I prepare and go to school, I created my foundation to help children in situation like that,” she said endorsing GCUED’s initiatives.