Facebook rolls out time spent dashboard


Last week, Instagram started rolling out its new dashboard that showed how much time you spend on Instagram, and now, it’s Facebook’s turn: the company is rolling out the feature in the actual Facebook app now, via TechCrunch.

Facebook announced the new dashboards for the Instagram and Facebook apps back in August as part of the “time well-spent” movement that has been sweeping across the tech world.

Unlike Facebook’s dashboards, Apple’s Screen Time and Google’s Digital Wellbeingallow users to block themselves from using apps, instead of just relaying usage information.

You’ll be able to see how much time each day you spent on Facebook in the previous week.

The new dashboard should be rolling out to users now.

Give it a shot (if you aren’t afraid to find out how bad your social media addiction is) by heading to the More tab in the app, then to the Settings & Privacy menu, and select Your Time On Facebook.