Fabewoso: How gov’t cold stores went to private hands – Consultant explains


A Supply Chain Consultant who supervised the building of cold stores at six landing beaches in the country has justified how a government project has landed in private hands.

Mr Basil Ahiable has explained that due to the high cost of electricity and maintenance, there was a need for the facility to be privatised to generate enough revenue from the project.

His comment comes after it emerged that four of the six cold stores had closed down due to high cost of electricity.

In 2007, the government of Ghana and its Spanish counterpart signed a seven-million Euro agreement to improve on infrastructure in the fisheries sector.

The Spanish-funded facility built by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture to reduce post-harvest loses had refrigerated anterooms, freezing tunnel, flake ice factory, ice bin, a standby generator, office and a water reservoir.

However, the hope of these fisher folks is fast eroding as two of the functioning cold stores at Shama and New Takoradi in the Western region reportedly charge exorbitant prices for their service.

They are pleading with the government to take over and reduce the prices to serve the intended purpose.

Setting the records straight on Adom FM’s anti-corruption show, Fabewoso Monday, Mr Ahiable said the only way for the cold stores to run effectively is for it to be privatised.

He explained that with the needed stimulus packages from the government, enough revenue would be generated.

The Supply Chain consultant urged the government to refocus and bring on board engineers to access all the machines at the landing beaches before investing money in it.

Mr Ahiable said if the major issues such as cost of electricity and frequent breakdowns of the machines are solved, government will make profit.

Source: Ghana|Adomonline.com|Adwoa Gyasiwaa Agyeman