Dwaso Nsem: Experts discuss best way to eliminate body odour


Practicing good personal hygiene is the best way to eliminate body odour, a dermatologist has revealed.

Dr S.B Ofori of the Koforidua Regional hospital has advised that hava ing regular bath is the best way to have some respite from the embarrassing phenomenon.

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“Taking your bath each day can help keep you feeling clean and fresh while you go about your daily activities,” he stated on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Thursday.

According to Dr Ofori, the bacteria on the human body feeds on the sweat on the body and leaves substances which have the potential to cause body odour.

As an immediate measure, Dr Ofori has recommended regular trimming of hair in areas such as the armpit, a practice that can help reduce the amount of body odour.

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He explained that hair absorbs sweat easily hence the less hair one has, the less chance that the body sweat will be absorbed.

“Shave your underarms regularly; this can apply to both men and women, though women more commonly shave their armpits,” he added.

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Dr Ofori also explained that even though body odour can be inherited, its main cause is with how people can take care of themselves.