Discover the purpose of your life – Kick Leadership Network


Kick Leadership Network has organised a youth deployment summit 2019, in Accra, under the theme: ‘How to create your own work.’

The event was the second edition of the submit.

According to Mr Ohene-Ba Kofi Agyei, the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation it is the purpose of life that matters, and that every human being has the power to lead.

H said everything one needs to develop is already within him or her. He said knowing yourself is the master key to success.

Interestingly, the speaker said he was a shoe maker and through that he became a businessman dealing in fridge-motor from Ghana to Burkina Faso.

Later he started importing spare parts from Nigeria and later used fridges from UK.

He also imported phones from China.

One time he travelled to Macedonia and later trying to cross a boarder he was detained by a farmer whose farm he was dodging through to his next destination. The famer blew alarm on him and he was arrested by the police.

Also, he sojourned to Italy, France, Belgium as well but life was still meaningless until he the day he “I met myself.” This brought him to the realisation that “life is all about knowing yourself.” And he returned to Ghana.

“Life is about one thing and until you know that thing you are in trouble.”

The summit proper           

The summit teaching was formulated around three questions: “Whom am I? Why am I here? What can I do?”

He defined success as “the completion and the fulfillment of the purpose why one is given birth to and until then one is a failure.”

He said 95 percent of Ghanaians were living below their full potentials. He said it was important for the youth to know their potentials endowed them by God.

He encouraged the youth to manage whatever potential is given them and in that God is able to bless them like the rain to the farmer. He said God created each and every one in a unique way and per that He expected human’s to manage affairs of their lives. “God created us to be managers” and not for fun-fair.

He said the youth should move from “let us survive syndrome” to innovation using their potentials. He said every product was manufactured for a purpose and man as well was created for a purpose.

He said man was a product of his thoughts and convictions and perceptions. And so if one think productively, so he will be. “Be a maker, you are born to make or to produce.”

He said everyone’s attitude determines his present and future states and that attitude was a very powerful weapon, able to regulate one’s life for good or bad. “You are your attitude and your attitude is you.” He noted.

He said the mindset was attached to one’s development in life and that as a man thinks so he is.

Agya Yaw Nsiah, Director Research and Planning—YEA, highlights

In his speech, Agya Yaw Nsiah, Director Research and Planning—YEA, highlighted the difficulties plaguing the Ghanaian youth today.

He said the platform seeks to bring the   youth together to brainstorm solutions out of their distasteful predicaments.

He said it was very crucial the youth relate on each other on their individual capabilities, pull efforts and resources together to develop themselves out of joblessness.

He encouraged the youth to use innovation and the digital move to help fix social problems in their communities. He challenged the youth be daring like the eagle against all the odds against them.