Photos: 10 dead in accident on Suhum road

Source: Ghana/ Gyasiwaa Agyeman   

Ten people including a two-year-old girl are feared dead in an accident at Asuboi on the Suhum-Nsawam road in the Eastern Region.

This was after two buses collided head-on when one tried to overtake the other Wednesday dawn.

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Those feared dead are four women and six men including one of the drivers.

According to Maxwell, two Yutong buses, one from Techiman to Accra and the other from the opposite direction collided head-on at Asuboi near Suhum.

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As at 8 a.m officials from the police and fire service were at the scene to retrieve bodies from the wreckage, Maxwell reports.

Yutong bus accident

The police and fire personnel retrieving a body from one of the buses

Yutong bus accident

The injured are being treated at the Suhum Government Hospital.



  1. May their souls rest in peace and I wish the rest speedy recovery.
    I think we have a leader who can act accordingly to the law but I seems the law is not working because of corruption.
    There is too much accident in this country killing innocent souls killing future leaders why.
    I think there there should be law that any driver that will cost an accident which is racles driving should be jail I think that will benefit us.

  2. Oooh GHANA why are we losing many souls through road accident
    I can’t think far about this.If i may ask, the other countries don’t they use vehicles ?
    May de Almighty GOD assemble all the deceased in his own Bossom for perfect resting.
    If is an offence caused by 1 person which has resulted in this fatal incident, then may he/she be forgiven in JESUS name Aaaaamen…
    Is the little mistakes we do which is killing us. e.g over-loading, over-taking, over-speeding, making calls whiles driving and so on.
    When you stand and talk against it in boarded vehicles, then is there you will see those who wants to reach their destination early throwing all sort of insult on you as if they are immortal and u will be called Mr. Knows All forgetting getting to you destinations LATE but SAFE is the best.