The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), has notified its members and the general public of an upcoming emergency general meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for the Centre for National Culture, Kumasi (Quarshie Idun Hall) on Monday, 19th April 2021.

The decision to have a general meeting, according to the music rights body, has been occasioned by calls from the membership of the Society nationwide, further to Section 6.6.(1) of the GHAMRO constitution.

The public will recall that an Election Committee was elected at the Annual Congress held at the General Assembly in Kumasi on October 14, 2020 to oversee the elections in March 2021 and swear in a new Board.  

In the course of the subsequent process, twelve aspirants picked forms to contest out of which three (3) persons were disqualified after the vetting, on the grounds of having contested on two conservative terms further to Section 4.4(2) of the new constitution which states that “a member of the Board may be re -elected for another term but not more than two conservative terms


Following the petition by the three disqualified members to the board, it was decided that the Committee should allow all aspirants to compete in an open contest to avoid any legal action that may delay the process.

The Election Committee however stuck to its decision during which period, the board also exited after its term expired and handed over to Management.

This situation was the result of the postponement of the election on three occasions. Subsequently Management met with the Election Committee on the 25th March, 2021 and 6th April, 2021 on a roadmap and wrote to the Attorney General for assistance for the interpretation and application of the provisions 4.4. of the constitution.

Having regard to ensuring a good corporate process, with respect to congress appointing an interim board to approve operational and administrative costs, coupled with the calls by members, Management has opted in response to Section 6.6(2), to organize the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting as indicated.

The agenda of the meeting as published in the Daily Graphic of the 13th April, 2021, is to report the state of the Society to congress, appoint an interim body to approve expenditure and for the Election Committee to update the congress.

Prince Don Tsegah

Corporate Head

CELL NO: 0243600924.