Fuse ODG

Rapper and Songwriter Fuse ODG has expressed his pride and admiration for Afronita and Abigail’s performance on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, where they danced to his iconic Azonto song.

Fuse ODG commended the duo for their exceptional representation of Ghana on such a prominent platform.

He remarked that their performance added to the ongoing efforts to spotlight Ghana’s cultural richness on the global stage.

As a pioneer in representing Ghana in the UK music scene, Fuse ODG said his heart warmed seeing others contribute to the promotion of Ghanaian culture abroad.

He lauded Afronita and Abigail for their stellar dance performance, noting that they perfectly complemented the energy and vibe of his Azonto song.

Fuse ODG extended his congratulations and full support to Afronita and Abigail, adding that Ghana is definitely on it’s way to making a mark in the entertainment sphere.

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