funny face and wife and kids
Funny Face, wife and kids

Controversial actor, Funny Face, is back to his ‘senses’, as he settles the drama with his baby mama, Vanessa.

Following the birth of his third daughter, Funny Face has rendered a public apology to Vanessa, after maltreatment and domestic violence accusations.

In an epic Instagram post in which he shared some fond memories of his twins, Funny Face said he has forgiven his baby mama for their sake.

He is, however, pleading with Vanessa, her grandmother and father, Jah Wisdom to reciprocate his actions and live in harmony with him.


“Even if I have to sweep da whole KUMASI to have u girls back… Even if I have to go stand on mountain Afadajato to shout and apologise to Everybody… I will gladly do it wholeheartedly,” he exhibited his seriousness.

Funny Face, who previously confessed he suffers third-stage depression, has accepted responsibility for his ‘childish’ actions

Read his post below: