General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed, has rejected accusations that his failure to properly discharge his duty as administrator led to the disqualification of the party’s presidential nominee from the December 7 elections.

Communications member of the party, Emmanuel Wilson has, on various platforms, lambasted Atik Mohammed for reportedly failing to pay attention to detail, which resulted in the barring of Dr Edward Nasigre Mahama.

“The General Secretary did not do his work well. What this means is that he did not attach the seriousness that needed to be attached to the filling of the nomination…I’m sure that if we had gotten just a little bit of a competent General Secretary who was supposed to ensure that administrative work is done well, we would not have found ourselves in this mess” he said.

Dr. Edward Mahama and 12 other presidential aspirants were disqualified on Monday by the EC for failing to meet the necessary requirements in filing their forms.

The Commission in a statement explained that it disqualified the PNC because “many subscribers did not properly sign the forms. It further indicated that “thumbprints, signatures or marks were omitted all together.”

According to the EC, two subscribers to Dr. Mahama’s nominations also subscribed for another presidential candidate, which is against the rules.

But Atik Mohammed in an interview on Accra based Peace FM said filling of presidential forms is not the work of the general secretary of a party.

“It’s not lawfully written anywhere that filing of presidential forms is and should be the work of a general secretary. The forms are given to the flag bearer to fill but as a general secretary I understand my aid is needed for filling the forms.”

“If NPP or NDC were supposed to submit their forms openly, I am sure the mistakes that kept us out of the nomination will catch them too.

“I’m just trying to repel this ludicrous logic diffusing that because I am the general secretary so I have to make it my duty to correctly fill it. It’s absurd. It’s the presidential nomination form so it’s the party’s duty. Not just a single person. We all went through the documents, I wasn’t the only one, the documents are voluminous as such there are times I had to go home around 2am…,” he explained.

The party’s chief scribe posited that the signature claims omitted on the forms for which they perhaps overlooked should not be the case for heaping blame on his head.

He stated an instance in 2008 where he and the former general secretary single handedly monitored and supervised the filing of the presidential nomination forms which was successful and therefore could not fathom why such disorder could happen now.

“I wasn’t even the General Secretary back then but we had a successful submission, so this was not the time to lie back apathetically to witness disqualification. In 2008, where was Abu Ramadan and Emmanuel Wilson?” he quizzed.