A 36-year-old fetish priest has allegedly injured three men at Baniekrom in the Ahafo Ano South West District of the Ashanti region.

The fetish priest only identified as Komfo Osman reportedly stormed the Barniekrom community with a gang and began inflicting machete wounds on men in the area without any exception.

One of the victims, known in the area as Komfo Medal, 25, had four of his fingers severely cut off by the priest with the two other victims, yet to be identified, sustaining multiple machete wounds.

The three victims are currently receiving treatment at the Mankranso Government Hospital.

The sad incident which occurred Monday, April 3, 2023, according to eye witness was a reprisal attack on the part of the priest.

Residents in the area unanimously narrated the incident to OTEC News.


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“This Komfo Osman came to our community two years ago and since then, our community has not been the same, he has engaged in a number of suspected criminal activities including the alleged kidnapping of a girl, multiple cases of beating up community members with his gang and threatening people with a live gun among others.

“Just recently some young men believed to be workers of the fetish priest went on rampage and attacked a resident of Barniekrom leaving him with multiple wounds; the boy mobilized some men and destroyed the house of the priest including his gods”.

“Komfo Osman came here yesterday with some thugs and started attacking any man they meet on the street. Three men were however attacked by the priest and his thugs,” he narrated.

The residents after the incident blamed police officers in the area for the unfortunate incident claiming that, all cases of the alleged criminal acts of the priest reported to the police have been left unattended.

They added that they are suspecting police at Mankranso be partnered with the fetish priest as they have refused to arrest him for most of his unlawful acts.