Rufftown Record signee, Fantana, has once again made some shocking revelations about her love life and financial muscles, warning ‘broke’ men to stay away from her.

In an interview with online portal,, Fantana revealed she is single because men fail to approach her due to extravagant demands.

“Yes I don’t know why but they are afraid to approach me, I just don’t know why. Don’t be afraid but if you are not rich don’t approach me; if you are rich you can approach me,” she warned.


Explaining the correlation between love and money, the ‘Rich gyal anthem’ artiste justified it is impossible to feed on love, hence she will not settle for less.

“Because you can’t love me if you can’t buy me gifts and everything that I need, then you don’t love me. I am not going to chop love,” she said.

Revealing her worth, Fantana hinted she looks attractive because she spends on quality; adding her hair costs GH¢ 4,000, outfit $80 coupled with YSL bag for a whooping $2000, Versace Versus and diamond bracelets.