An  Education Director and Researcher, Peter Partey Anti, says excessive home works given out to pupils in pre-schools are irrelevant.

This is because children need to relax after school and not be burdened further.

Research, according to him, shows that Finland is one of the countries with the best educational systems in the world, a situation he attributes to the fact that Finish children are neither given home works after school nor do they take tests until they get to the age of 13.


Mr Anti told Adom News that the Montessori schools aid children more with their educational system.

He emphasized the need for every child to be given ample time at home because each child, from the pre-school, have 1-2 hours maximum time of concentration.

He has advised that children be given time to discover their abilities.

A former Director of Ghana Education Service, Michael Nsowaah, has also condemned giving of excessive homework and text to children.

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According to him, the attention span of children is so short that they don’t need to be engaged for such long hours.

Meanwhile, Christiana Mensah a retired teacher has contested the position of the two, saying putting a child to text aids teachers in identifying and helping weak pupils to improve.