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“What I know is that the prison is supposed to be a correctional and rehabilitation centre but in our case, if God doesn’t intervene, you will come out worse.”

These were the words of an ex-convict, Daniel Ofori, as he opens up on shocking revelations after spending 10 years at the Nsawam prison.

According to him, he was arrested in Kumasi on June 4, 2011, for dealing in drugs but was later transferred to the Nsawam prison.

Narrating his experiences in an interview with Accra-based UTV, he, among other things, revealed how mobile money fraud are committed and illicit drugs are sold to prisoners.

He added some officers are also into selling of illicit drugs coupled with the sale of donation items meant for the prisoners.

“Some of these officers sell weed and other drugs to the prisoners. In the market, a packet of cigarette is sold for GHS5 but in the prison yard, it is GHS 30 and people buy.

“Weed which is sold for GHS 1 is sold at GHS 5,” he detailed.

The ex-convict disclosed some inmates use iPhone with gayism also the order of the day in the prison, all of these he claimed prison officers were aware of but have turned a blind eye to.

“What is more heartbreaking is the gayism in prison. Usually, long serving prisoners who are into it will poach the new inmates who they will treat them nicely from the onset. So when the time comes for them to sleep with them, they are unable to turn them down,” he narrated.


Going deeper on his experience, Mr Ofori revealed there were times during communal labour outside the yard where he would be ordered to insert packs of cigarette and weed into his anus.

Upon arrival to the prisons, he will have to go to the toilet and remove them to sell to the inmates and afterwards render sales.