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Eggs are healthy


A Senior Dietician of the Diet Therapy Department of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Mr Collins Afriyie Appiah, has said egg is healthy and people should not be scared of eating eggs.

He noted that egg are rich in nutrients – protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, and are a cheap source of protein compared to fish and meat.

He further said eggs could be part of a healthy diet for both young people, as well as adults.

In an interview, Mr Appiah said there were a lot of controversies and misconceptions surrounding the consumption of eggs but said the white part of the egg, which is called the albumin, was a complete natural protein as it provides all the essential proteins (amino acids) the body requires for growth and maintenance.

The albumin, he explained provided these essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own, adding that it is also useful in diets for people who suffer malnutrition and low blood protein.

Mr Appiah said eggs also contained other vital nutrients; omega 3 fats for brain development and for the improvement of learning in children, while its vitamin A content helps with growth and eyesight development in children.

The egg yolk, he said, contained a significant amount of cholesterol, pointing out that research has shown that an egg a day as part of a healthy balanced diet has no health risk in healthy people. 

However, he said people who were at risk of high cholesterol, heart diseases, stroke and diabetes are cautioned to limit their intake of egg to about three or four eggs a week.

According to the dietician, the context in which egg is eaten is important. For instance, he said if egg was eaten with foods high in fibre, vegetables and fruits, then it is good since that may not raise one’s blood cholesterol.

On the other hand, however, if it is eaten with fatty foods such as bacon, sausages, pastries, whole fat dairy products, then there is a likelihood of increasing cholesterol levels.

Asked if fried or boiled egg was better, Mr Appiah said boiled egg was optimum as frying means adding more calories even if the oil is healthy.

“A person who needs more calories for weight gain can have fried egg often and vice versa otherwise, frying your egg with a teaspoon of healthy oils and vegetables is okay” he said.

“As we have always said, moderation is key and it is important that we stick to this and not over indulge” he added.

According to the dietician, high cholesterol is now being seen in young people.

He, therefore, advised that young people and adults should make it a point to check their cholesterol levels at least once a year.

Additionally, he advised that people should not wait until they develop diet-related health problems before seeing a dietician for advice on healthy eating.

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