Controversial counselor, George Lutterodt has accused the ‘witches’ in the family of Dancehall artiste, Ebony of conspiring to kill to her.
According to her, the witches killed her because they do not want to see any good thing coming from the family.
“Ebony was killed by the witches in her family…,” he claimed on Joy Prime’s Red Carpet.
Watch: Prophet predicted Ebony will die in car crash
The celebrated Dancehall artiste died yesterday evening through a road accident that occurred at a spot between Kumasi and Sunyani.
Ebony and three others including her driver were returning to Accra after visiting the mother in Sunyani.
News of her death has since shocked the country.
But counselor Lutterodt has called on Ghanaians to blame the witches in Ebony’s family as according to him, the witches decided to eliminate her.
He could however not tell when and where the witches met to decide to end the life of a rising star like Ebony.


  1. Charley for the first time i agree with counselor…and to be i get some powers i go fly and scan her life and who ever i find responsible for this primitive and shameful action,i will deal with that idiot in a ‘unique’ manner..infact….if i get some ‘powers’ i will only reserve it…to deal with idiots and primitive human-devils who destroys great talents….does anybody know where ican find such a ‘power’ ?

  2. But i wounder how some stupid and wicked Ghanaians talks negatives against the life of the small girl. But who on the earth have never sin before. Even the say in the book of john ,for all have sin before and fall short of the glory of God amen,and on this earth every is born with a time and date ,day,week,as well as year,soo the same as death ,nobody knowns the time he or she will die on this earth,now our dear sister ebony is gone,shamed to all stupid Ghanaian who talks against the little girl,by Peter aka amedeo Avogadro Vodafone

  3. This is actually nonsense, why do you always find someone as a victim of another person dealth. You better stop that Ghanaians, anything happen terribly is not normal to you. Why didn’t you stop the witches when they were about to kill her.

  4. i dont buy what he’s saying but you can not blame him…if fetish priest & malams are given the chance to advertise themselves to the public, what actually prevents Lutterodt from saying?? That is the Ghana we live in, anubody can sit anywhere and talk s**t and no one gives a damn

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