The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) says they are not happy embarking on a sit-down strike as drivers.

According to the Union, the recent consistent hike in fuel prices was really hitting them hard but they decided not to embark on a sit down strike in order to save lives.

Speaking on Kasapa FM, the Public Relations Officer for GPRTU, Imoro Abass, said that the recent increase in transport fares was necessary to avoid any sit-down strike.

He added that the consequences of sit-down strike actions have not been palatable for the public, adding that the drivers are also affected in some instances. 

“When we embark on strike and as a result, someone passes on, then the next day we go back it’s not proper. During strike actions when the unfortunate happens to someone within my vicinity as a driver I have to carry the person to the hospital but we are on strike you can imagine the feeling.

“In some cases when there are deaths and then the next day we resolve what brought about strike action, how do you resurrect the dead person? So that is why our leadership decided that sit down strike for us drivers is not a healthy thing and we don’t like it,” he narrated.

He bemoaned the recent increases in fuel prices at a time the Union was preparing to meet the Minister for Energy and other stakeholders.


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The Public Relations Officer further stated that there were a number of unofficial increases in fuel prices that hit the drivers and the transport industry very hard.

“So we are expecting the fuel prices to come down and when I am asked to propose an amount, I think that the fuel prices should come down to Ghc10 a litre. This will help us greatly in the transport industry,” he added.