Actress and brand influencer Akuapem Poloo, born Haniya Rosemond Alade Brown gave a guy some slaps for publicly bragging about sleeping with her.

Flatello, a social media personality claimed he had dated Akuapem Poloo and slept with her multiple times.

Poloo who vehemently denied the assertion had a wonderful opportunity to give him a taste of his own medicine.

The actress who had gone for an interview at the studios of blogger, Nkonkonsa, ran into Flatello on on November 9, 2023.

Again, the young man subjected Poloo to public ridicule and questioned the show host why he invited her to the studio.

“So, this girl will be part of the engagement and no one told me about it? What kind of move is that? You should have told me she was coming. Did you guys deliberately set me up?” he fumed.

A livid Akuapem Poloo walked straight at Flatello and gave him some dirty slaps.

An angry Flatello wanted to retaliate but was stopped by the host.

The video has gone viral and drawn lots of reactions on social media.

Watch video below