Nigerian musician, Davido, has finally been able to rename his Instagram handle to ‘@Davido’ after begging a Brazilian man for a decade.

The musician wasn’t happy about the fact that the said man had already chosen the username ‘Davido’ prior to him attaining the limelight with his hit song ‘Dami Duro.’

Taking to Twitter to express his excitement after he was given the opportunity through a consensus to rename his username, Davido had this to say:

Finally!!!!! NEW IG NAME: DAVIDO … lol I literally begged some Brazilian guy for like 10 years on ig to free this name for me !! Thank you.


Having a different username than the actual name of a musician can affect their numbers because many users or fans are lured to follow fake accounts.

Hence, musicians are particular about the fact fans on social media shouldn’t have difficulty locating them.

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