The northern region comes with its own challenges and joblessness. In-fighting and “skin” wars are not in the realm of modern politics and at the risk of breeding an “African Trump” it is important that we do not “drain the Paga” crocodile waters”.

As a true son of the north, I write this letter in grief and with heavy heart having followed your style of campaign in the north, which is dominated by religious and tribal bigotry. Interestingly, when you campaign in the southern part of the country, you talk about infrastructure (real or phantom). However, when you come up-north, your campaign message CHANGES from one of issues to TRIBALISM and SECTIONALISM. We, northerners feel highly insulted and outraged by such repugnant conduct. What do you take us for? Some zombies? We don’t deserve an issue-based campaign? Come on! Mr. President… Give us some credit.

We know your record in the north is NOTHING to talk about. Perhaps this explains why when you come to the north, you don’t talk about issues but rather TRIBALISM in order to take undue advantage of unsuspecting northern electorate.

For instance, on education infrastructure, you claim you are constructing 123 Day SHS across the country. Assuming without admitting that this wild claim is true, tell us how many of these schools can be found in the north of the country. As we speak, you have completed only ONE school in the entire 3 northern regions. Meanwhile, these are the regions that are lagging behind in development across all levels. And yet, you claim you have commissioned more than 16 of these schools in the country. With this clear DISCONNECT, how can you convince any sane northerner that you are committed to northern development? Such contradiction!

You did this your tribal politics in 2012 and got away with it. I’m afraid you can’t have your way this time round. Mr. President, have you averred your mind to the dangerous implications such tribal incitement may have on the peace and stability of this country? Remember that, Ghana, has since independence, been a nation of INCLUSION where all her citizens live in peace and harmony without recourse to geographic, religious or tribal differences. It is therefore not for nothing that this country is seen as the oasis of peace and the beacon of hope on the Continent. Mr. President, why do you want to divide and destroy this country on the altar of political expediency? Does life begin and end with political power?

You and your party have polarized this country enough. Your problematic style of campaign has the tendency of compromising the peace and stability of Ghana. You are either inciting Muslims against Christians, Easterners against Westerners, or Northerners against Southerners and the vice versa in your desperate attempt to score cheap political points. Such a shame!.

Must you win this election at all cost, including destroying Ghana? When you asked us (northerners) to vote for you in 2012 because you were one of us and we did, tell us one single thing you have done to better the lives of northerners. SADA, we all know, is the ONE AND ONLY POLICY your government introduced to turn around the fortunes of the north.

Tell us what has become of SADA, which falls DIRECTLY under your office Mr. President? You have turned SADA into an AVENUE FOR LOOTING our money. The money pumped into SADA cannot be accounted for. No SADA money and no SADA projects. It is not surprising that you don’t talk about SADA in your campaign tour up-north. Meanwhile, the lot of the poor northerner continues to get worse and worse each passing moment. If as a result of this social and economic injustice, we call for CHANGE, you turn back to say, you feel pity for northerners who are calling for change. Surprisingly, you don’t feel pity for the suffering Ghanaian masses. How INSENSITIVE! You want to prevent us from crying after beating us? Your government has made life unbearable for the ordinary northerner.

Respectfully, I’m sorry to tell you Mr. President that, in you, we northerners see nothing but a complete departure from the northern brand, which includes honesty, hard work, truthfulness, assertiveness and above all, HUMILITY and INTEGRITY. You are an ’embodiment of betrayal’ of these enviable qualities that northerners, throughout history, have always been known for. You have not only destroyed our brand but also, you’ve given politics a bad name, making same UNATTRACTIVE for the northerner.

Except that, we are quite fortunate to be blessed with one man (one of our own), in the person of Alhaji Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia in whom, northerners see HOPE. In Alhaji Bawumia, we see the RESTORATION of our brand. In him, we, the youth of the north and Ghana at large, see a BRIGHT FUTURE for ourselves and our children. Ultimately, he is the reason why we, the youth of the north and elsewhere find some comfort in this business of politics and indulge in same.

So, in the light of the foregoing, Mr. President, we all appreciate your state of jealously and envy in respect of Alhaji Bawumia’s award winning gravitas and person under the circumstances. We all know that his rising fame in the north and across every nook and cranny of this country gives you a lot of sleepless nights. However, Mr. President, you are your own enemy and not Bawumia. So instead of attacking the innocent economic doctor (Alhaji Bawumia) of our time, look within yourself and you will come to terms with all your predicaments. Go back and get your FUNDAMENTALS right Mr. President.

Whilst at it, I wish to on behalf of the concerned youth of the north, make it clear to you that, any further attacks on our only HOPE [Alhaji Bawumia] from you, would certainly be met with a TUMULTUOUS RESISTANCE. In the meantime, I am telling you that we (northerners) have RESOLVED to RIGHT the wrongs of our time and thus, vote against impoverishment, legendary corruption, hopelessness, mediocrity and hardship. CHANGE is what we need and CHANGE is what we are voting for to make our country work again and RESTORE our lost hope. Eight years of your presidency (as luckiest VEEP and President) is more than enough.

I wish you well Mr. President as you prepare your handing over notes. You’ve done your best for this country but unfortunately your best is not enough at all. I hope you learn the relevant lessons whilst in opposition.

So as we battle Woyome for the money your Government gave to jim for free, we are moving on to the next chapter in our evolution of democracy. Please let Mr. Agambire and Siaw-Agyepong remember that we have unfinished business with them too.

How do you allow your team of bureaucrats to deliberately ignore your previous boss’s orders not to pay Ghc51.2million and now we come to collect you still manage to find avenues through your Attorney General to duck and dive a judgement?

In case you have not heard (since you are campaigning) he has done it again. This time smaller to start with. But should you engineer another default for contract delivery, he will claim billions from our pockets. He knows he can get away with it, so why not go for broke?

The North will change you. It is our avowed intention.

Alius atrox week advenio. Another terrible week to come!