Pastor Mensa Otabil thinks that the instant justice meted out to Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama which resulted in his lynching is a cultural issue.

According to him, “the only thing is that it happened to somebody with visibility so we are worried but we will go back to the same culture which is the culture of disrespect for life and to rules procedure.”

Speaking at the 4th edition of the Ishmael Yamson and Associates business roundtable Wednesday morning, Pastor Otabil said: “The big news in Ghana is what happened recently to the dear soldier who was lynched.”

“But really what happened to him is cultural. It is in our culture; we do it every day and we will continue to do it.”

Pastor Otabil who is the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), said the recent lynching of the army officer was a climax to the reflection of lawlessness in the Ghanaian culture.

Making reference to the slain soldier, Dr Otabil said: “You cannot say they [the mob] have not gone to school, we cannot say they do not know human rights but in that circumstance, they chose to exhibit that behaviour.”

“We have become a lawless people”, he emphasised, adding that “the law must work”.

He wondered why Africans have not challenged certain cultures that do not promote development.