Coup plotters case: We’ll appeal death by hanging ruling – Lawyer

The attorney representing the individuals convicted in the alleged coup plot, Victor Adawudu, has revealed plans to challenge the court’s decision against his clients in the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, January 24, the High Court found six out of the ten accused coup plotters guilty on charges of conspiring to commit high treason and actually committing high treason.

Among the convicted individuals are three soldiers, are Donya Kafui (also known as Ezor), a blacksmith, and Bright Alan Debrah Ofosu, a fleet manager.

Both were convicted of conspiracy to commit treason and treason.

Johannes Zikpi, a civilian employee of the Ghana Armed Forces, was found guilty of conspiring to commit high treason. The court sentenced them to death by hanging.

On the other hand, Assistant Commissioner of Police Benjamin Agordzo, Colonel Samuel Kodzo Gameli, and another junior military officer, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, were acquitted.

Following the court’s decision, Mr. Adawudu addressed the media, expressing his intention to appeal the case.

He voiced his confidence that the presented evidence had not been adequately scrutinized, stating, “I believe that the evidence we have put before the court is not being looked at critically. I think that it is a process, and we will also be going to the Supreme Court for it to also look at the evidence. You saw that the soldiers were charged with conspiracy and have been acquitted on the substantive charge, so these are things that we will go to the Supreme Court to test.”

He continued, “I believe that looking at what we have put before this court, we have done well, and we will be going to the Supreme Court because they don’t even have an inventory of the time they arrested the people to show that the guns they were talking about were with the people who had them. We will see what we will do.”