Veteran actress, Christiana Awuni, has narrated what led to her becoming a movie actress in an interview on Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra show.

Speaking to host Sister Sandy on Saturday, the veteran actress said she was only interested in viewing actors and actresses perform so she did well never to miss concert shows.

She said it took one day for her to disclose her interest to one of the performers after the show had ended and that was how hers began.

Narrating further, the actress said she didn’t believe she had the talent, hence she avoided auditions on many instances until she was forced to attend.


Another factor, she said put her off about acting was many had the mindset then that actresses were prostitutes but it wasn’t so.

One of them asked me why I was still around when the concert had closed. So he urged me on and I said no. The man followed me and came to my house

I tried to stop him but it didn’t work so I started hiding anytime I saw him coming to my house. So one day he followed me and when he said they do rehearsals at a hotel I got scared the more.

I performed my part at the audition and I got a role and it was Ice Kenkey, the Concert Party actor who brought me on stage first, she said on the Ahosepe Xtra show.