Wendy Shay | Photo Source: Instagram

Self-acclaimed Queen of Ghana music, Wendy Shay, is on the lips of netizens who have sparked a debate on her most recent outfit.

Wendy, who graced the one-year anniversary of a satellite television service, attracted stares when she walked into the venue at Silicon House rocking a sleeveless blue romper and see-through stockings.

She matched the outfit with a scarf and black cowgirl boots.

Her mode of dressing caused outrage especially when she publicly declared she had repented and was embarking on a soul-winning campaign for Christ.

Others on the defending side have said she is into showbiz and such outfits are allowed in that sphere.

Meanwhile, at that same event, she made peace with media personality Delay after months of being on each other’s throats.

Delay was once on the side of netizens who believed the Masakra composer was doing just too much to stay relevant.

According to Delay, Wendy was under some psychological stress or managerial influence, a statement that did not sit well with the latter, causing her to fight back.

They finally settled their ‘beef’ with a hug Delay initiated.