The heart-warming moment KiDi’s son cheered when he heard his name in one of his father’s songs has been captured on camera.

The video was taken by KiDi while on a joyride with his son, Zayne Nana Boadi  Dwamena, who could be seen taking centre position at the front.

In the video, little Dwamena was quietly soaking the rhythm of Golden Boy – one of the songs in the latest album – until he heard the line “Everything I want is a mile away me and Zayne, aero planes.”

KiDi’s son, Zayne

He immediately realised he was featured in his father’s craft and he leaped in joy, while his father joined in the laughter.

He expressed how proud he was to be part of the Golden Boys, but he requested for his hair to be dyed gold, just like his father, to make his membership whole.

KiDi’s son, Zayne

With his tiny voice, the four-year-old said, “Me and you we are golden boy, but I don’t have golden hair. Yes I want golden hair.”


Watch video below: