A CCTV footage has exposed the perpetrators of the K.K Gold agency gold robbery incident that rocked Tarkwa some days ago.

About five men masked with helmets and face wears were captured on one portion of the CCTV calmly entering into the gold-buying shop, bypassing some unsuspecting persons there.

They later held the occupants at gunpoint and proceeded to manhandle them after ordering them to lay on the ground.

Three of the men were captured robbing the victims of their possessions while the remaining collected some cash and gold into a black backpack they were carrying.

One of the suspects could be seen smacking and stomping a victim.

A security guard managed to flee, alerting persons outside and nearby of the ongoing crime.

The nearby persons all took to their heels, leaving the victims to their fate.

Meanwhile, three of the robbers have been arrested and identified.

Watch video below: