Highlife musician, KiDi, was faced with an embarrassing situation yesterday when a show host walked him out of an interview studios for showing up late.

The pained host, Nana Romeo, publicly expressed disappointment in KiDi for constantly showing up late for a booked interview, after which he sacked him.

However, KiDi, who explained he did not like how he was spoken to apologised for his lateness.

The issue has created a whole debate on social media with a fraction in support of the host, Romeo, while others thought his reaction was uncalled for.


As expected, the vast majority of those on KiDi’s side are his fans and celebrities in Ghana who applauded him for his maturity in handling the situation.

Adomonline.com has gathered a list of some celebrities who support KiDi.

Kofi Mole, Coco Trey, Kweku Smoke and Bosom Pyung in an interview on Joy Prime opined the host should have expressed his disappointment off-air rather than the embarrassment.