Burna Boy has been spotted on Instagram bumping to a song from the new music sensation, Black Sherif.

In an Instagram story on Monday evening, the Nigerian musician was seen in a near-dim room while passing time with Blacko’s most recent hit-song, Second Sermon playing loudly in the background.

Not only did the Grammy-award-winning artiste let the song play, but he sang along verbatim, while he smoked.

The Nigerian seems to have fallen in love with Blacko’s craft.

This is because Monday’s case is not the first time Burna Boy has been seen publicly acknowledging the work of the Konongo-born singer.

Earlier this month, he was seen in another Instagram video flaunting his swagger in the company of the same song as he murmured the lyrics.

The only difference this time is that his Twi language was louder and near-impeccable for a foreigner.

Second Sermon was released on July 2021 this year to a resounding reception cementing Blacko’s name as a game-changer among the new-schoolers in the music industry.