Bugri Naabu
Bugri Naabu

The Director General of Operations for the Ghana Police Service, COP George Alex Mensah, has openly acknowledged his efforts to secure the role of Inspector-General of Police (IGP) by seeking the help of Bugri Naabu, the former Northern Regional Chairman.

The revelation came to light as COP Mensah appeared before a parliamentary committee consisting of seven members.

The committee was formed to investigate a leaked audio tape that contained intention to remove the incumbent IGP, Dr George Akuffo Dampare.

When prompted by a committee member, COP Mensah explained that he had personally shared his Curriculum Vitae (CV) with Bugri Naabu.

The intention behind this action was for Bugri Naabu to advocate on his behalf and promote his candidacy for the coveted IGP position.

In his own words, COP Mensah stated: “My CV was given to somebody who Bugri Naabu sent to come and collect from me. The purpose was for him to go and lobby for me to become the IGP.”

COP Mensah further revealed that his pursuit of the IGP role began as far back as 2017 and that this recent lobbying wasn’t an isolated incident.

He remarked: “And that was not the first time lobbying went on, we have been lobbying from 2017 to become IGP.”

The parliamentary committee’s investigation into the leaked tape has, thus, uncovered not only the efforts to potentially oust the current IGP but also the ambitions of COP Mensah to assume the coveted position.

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