The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released infographics to aid parents and candidates of the just-ended Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) to select their school of choice and have a smooth placement.

Here are five guidelines for the school selection process:

1. All SHS/SHTS/TVET institutions have been placed in four categories namely Category A, B, C and D.

2. All candidates must choose their 1st to 5th choices from schools in Category A, B, and C in order of preference.

3. Each choice must have a program and accommodation preference (Day or Boarding).


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4. Candidates and parents should note that Category A schools can only be selected once and Category B schools can be selected twice. A candidate can select all five choices from Category C.

5. Additionally candidates are to select a compulsory day as 6th choice from category D or choose boarding school from the list of schools in Appendix 3 (of the 2021 schools register) as special boarding.