A young woman, believed to be in her late teens, has been killed with her body parts removed at Gomoa Lome in the Central region.

The unidentified female was discovered by some residents in a supine position on a lone road surrounded by bushes.

After taking some steps closer, they discovered the light-skinned girl was naked, with just a skirt folded upwards to her navel.

Her hands were severed from wrist and both legs were also chopped off in similar manner, as well as the flesh on her buttocks.

At the crime scene was a brown sack, believed to be the veil in which they hid the body before dumping and transporting her dismembered parts.

It is also believed she may have been sexually assaulted as her pant, brassiere and blouse where no where to be found.

According to some of the residents, that was the third of such an incident to have happened at Gomoa. The recent case was a taxi driver who was murdered after his car was snatched.