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Audio: Jospong commits to partner with more companies in towing job

Executive Chairman of the Jospong Group, Joseph Siaw Agyepong has indicated his intention to engage more companies in providing compulsory towing service to the public.
He said the move is to encourage local private businesses succeed as they provide services for the public good.
Implementation of the contentious mandatory towing levy has been postponed following massive public disapproval as a result of inadequate awareness creation on the LI 2180 which was passed into law by Parliament in 2012.
The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), the state agency responsible for implementing the law, awarded the contract to the Road Safety Management Limited (RSML), a subsidiary of the Jospong Group owned by Businessman, Joseph Siaw Agyepong.
The RSML and its allied service providers will enjoy 85% of proceeds from the levy while the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority and Police Service share 5% each. Ministry of Finance, as well as NRSC, will also be allocated 2.5% each from the proceeds.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM Tuesday, August 15, however, Mr. Siaw Agyepong said he is willing to sign on more companies to partner the RSML to help in removing disabled vehicles off the road which are said to have resulted in about 20% of crashes on the roads.
According to him, his motivation is to prevent needless deaths caused by stationary vehicles on the country’s major highways while clarifying, the allocation of 85% of all the collected levies to his company, RSML, was done by the Road Safety Commission and not his company.
He also clarified that the highest levy to be paid when the law comes into force is GHȻ100 and not the reported GHȻ200.

“I’m inviting all Ghanaians and anyone who is interested in taking equity, to come immediately and operate it. It is about the lives of people which I am concerned with.
The business magnate declared: “If they come I will sign an agreement with them [and] I will give them equity. I’m inviting everyone to own it”.
More than 6,000 crashes were recorded between January and June 2017, according to statistics put out by the Road Safety Commission.
Admitting that the law on mandatory towing service will not completely solve carnage on the major highways, Mr. Siaw Agyepong however, indicated that “this is a preventive measure”.
“I’m thinking about my grandmother who will travel and have contact [accident] with a disabled truck that can cause her death,” he said.
Attached is the audio of the interview: