Rex Omar, Ghanaian highlife artist
Rex Omar, Ghanaian highlife artiste

Veteran musician Rex Omar has tasked governments to appoint creative arts players as main ministers and not as deputies. 

According to him, the ministers have their plans and creative ideas for the industry stifled by industry players because they know next to nothing about the industry.

“If you make a practitioner as a deputy it brings friction. What would happen is most of the people in the industry would gravitate towards the deputy mister, and it makes the minster uncomfortable,” Rex Omar told Da Don on Têtê-á-têtê on Asempa FM.


The president of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) added, “that guy you placed as a deputy would fail the industry.” 

According to him the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is failing because people with little to no knowledge about the industry have been given the mandate to lead it. 

“So if you want to give me a position to work, give me the position that would give me the chance to operate and I would shock you,” he added.