Medical Practitioner and Global Scientist, Dr. Richard Egan, has described aphrodisiacs as chemicals that aid in sexual activities.

However, he said there is very little scientific evidence to support his claim.

Dr. Egan noted that, there is ongoing research to understand the roles aphrodisiacs really play during sexual intercourse.

“In the scientific community, there is no such thing as robust evidence to support the fact that these aphrodisiacs actually work but we also know that there are ongoing studies that are trying to establish it” he stated.


This notwithstanding, he said aphrodisiacs are needed to stimulate sexual desires of people with sexual dysfunctions.

Speaking with Kafui Dey on GBC Breakfast Show, Dr. Egan said some foods help boost libido in both men and women.

“Dark chocolate, oyster, honey, vanilla and red wine contains certain chemicals to turn people on before sex. I have used it for a few people so I know. We also have atadwe (tiger nut)” he said.


“Apart from these foods, we also have products such as herbal medicine products” Queseting” or“Qweseting” is an immune booster known to help boast libido and even help with erection. We also know about Yohimbey. Yohimbey is actually a herbal substance that is actually a chemical that is extracted from a substance called Yohimbine. It’s an African tree that is also known to boost libido”.


“Like I said before, red wine actually helps in helping the mood. We need to really get the mood right before sex. The ambiance is like a form of psychological aphrodisiac” Dr. Egan stressed.