Barely a week after the country was hit by one of its worst mining disasters at Prestea-Nsuta in the Western Region, Today can report that another disaster may soon occur in the same community.
The looming danger, is as a result of a new underground mining pit which has been discovered at Kwameniampa, a community within Prestea.
The discovery of this pit, Today learnt, has attracted other galamseyers from Nsuta where the recent disaster occurred to relocate to Kwameniampa.
Speaking in an interview with Today Monday, some concerned youth from Bondaye, Bogoso and Prestea disclosed that the Kwameniampa community has become the new attraction for illegal miners.
The new mining pit, according to the youth, is similar to the one that collapsed a week ago.
“So far, two separate areas, one at Kwameniampa, and the other, which is close to Merakete, a nearby village, all in the Prestea- Bogoso community, are now full of galamsey operations and people from several regions go there every day,” they revealed.
The galamsey work, they said, is the main economic activity keeping the people of Prestea and its environs.
They alleged that their activities were being sponsored by “some big men and women” including Assembly members and foreign nationals in and around the community.
The youth accused officials of the Prestea Huni-Valley District Assembly and their community leaders of failing to support the fight against illegal mining.
“They are also mining wildlife sanctuaries, forest reserves, cemeteries, mausoleums, sacred graves including areas earmarked for developmental projects by the district assembly,” they further alleged.