The intense commotion caused by rappers Amerado and Obibini over who is lyrically supreme has awakened social media.

Amerado and Obibini, in the late hours of Tuesday, August 10, slaughtered each other for intense ‘beef’, after the former first threw a shot.

In three diss tracks, they registered their displeasure at each other.

It all started when Amerado, while freestyling in the studios of International radio, BBC Radio 1Xtra, used a line that was a subliminal shot to Obibini.

Amerado directed some subtle jabs at Owudinii – another stage name for Obibinii – and the latter’s camp raised concerns.

Reacting to the eyebrow’s raised, the Yetensem composer stated in an interview that he was not remorseful for his action, and his rival can jab him in return if he so pleases.

That was exactly what Obibini did in a diss track titled ‘Deceased’ which basically addressed the issue of upcoming artistes disrespecting their predecessors.

Barely five hours later, Amerado flew his second punch in ‘The Throne’, where he bragged to have successfully stripped Obibini off his crown, adding that a new era has began.

The subsequent diss tracks mainly focused on who has the heavier pocket and assets, rather than fanbase.

Ghanaians have, however, been divided in their opinions over which of the two celebrated rappers is being knocked out.


Listen to the diss tracks below: