Paul Asibi Abariga, lawyer for Charles Nana Frimpong, who is standing trial over the murder of an artisan at Alajo Mechanic Yard, has expressed condolence to the family of the deceased on behalf of his client.
According to him, Frimpong, a businessman, was saddened about the death of the mechanic.
Mr Abariga stopped in front of the mother of the deceased, Richard Yaw Boadi, 33, at the Abeka District Court yesterday and apologized profusely for and on behalf of his client, who was seen in court with a wine Bible.
Richard’s mother and brother only nodded, as the senior lawyer apologized in a rueful mood.
“We are very, very, sorry…we are very sorry…” he said.
During the trial, state prosecutors asked for more time to conclude their investigations.
According to Chief Inspector Hanson Armah, the prosecution was conducting further investigations into the case.
He said the prosecution was also awaiting reports from the pathologist and forensic institutions.
Mr Abariga said the defense team was still mourning with the family, indicating that the parties were just going through a legal process.
The lawyer was hopeful that the parties would return to court for the proceeding to continue.
The trial magistrate Ms. Victoria Guansah, however, adjourned hearing of the case until October 2.
The accused was earlier charged with attempted murder when he shot Yaw Boadi during verbal exchanges over wrongful parking.
Boadi died at the Ridge Hospital last month where he was receiving treatment.
In the autopsy report, the artisan’s right kidney and colon were removed because they were badly damaged when they were hit by the stray bullet.
According to C/Insp. Armah, the accused on August 8 at the Alajo Railway Crossing murdered the Richard Yaw Boadi, a mechanic.
He said one Dr Dadzie informed the police that the victim had passed on at the facility where he was receiving treatment
The 34-year-old mechanic was killed when he attempted to separate a fight between the accused and a trotro driver.
According to reports, Charles in the course of the fight shot into the crowd, hitting Yaw Boadi in the abdomen.
The suspect, after firing the gun, locked himself in his car for fear of being lynched by the mob until the Tesano Police arrived at the scene.
The unidentified trotro driver in charge a sprinter bus was returning from a mechanic shop close to the Alajo railways area towards Nkrumah Circle while Charles, was also heading towards another mechanic shop on the same single and narrow road used by all vehicles.
The accused, who was in charge of a Hyundai Elantra with registration number GS 190-16, was said to have parked in the middle of the road, thus blocking other motorists.
The Sprinter Trotro driver, who was returning from the opposite direction where the accused had parked his car, allegedly shouted at him to move his car since he had blocked the road.
This did not go down well with Charles, which resulted into heated verbal exchanges.
Both trotro driver and suspect came out of their vehicles to attack each other.
Some traders, mechanics, taxi drivers and commuters, who witnessed the incident, moved to separate the two men.
In the process, Charles pulled out a gun from the car and fired gunshots sporadically.
The deceased, Yaw Boadi, a mechanic, was hit by stray bullet in the abdomen in the course of the melee.
Tesano Police rescued Charles and retrieved the gun.


  1. That’s what anger and ego can do. If he had swallow the anger, and smoked it out this wouldn’t had happened though you regretted it, but it’s irrivesible. Hmm let’s all learn to be control our

  2. “Do you know who i’m” i will show you where power lies. These egocentric words are the cause of lawlessness in our country. Why should you be carrying gun wherever you go if nnot for mischief. Let the law takes its place. OJAREY. SWINE KILLER

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