On the latest episode of the Real News, the charismatic host Akrobeto welcomed the challenge posed by the quiz mistress, Prof. Elsie Kaufmann, during the National Science and Maths Quiz finale.

With humor and determination, Akrobeto took on the problem of the day, turning it into a lighthearted competition.

As the camera rolled, Akrobeto playfully tackled the quiz question, all while keeping his audience entertained.

He couldn’t help but comment on his own perspiration saying, “viewers, you see how I am sweating,” adding an extra layer of amusement to the segment.

During the segment, Akrobeto spent approximately 5 minutes attempting to answer the complex question.

His unique and comical approach left the audience both amused and impressed, making it a memorable moment on the show.

Akrobeto’s response to the challenge added an enjoyable twist to the competition and showcased his ability to entertain while educating.

Meanwhile, on Monday, October 30, Presbyterian Boys Secondary School (PRESEC) won the 2023 edition of the quiz. This was PRESEC’s eighth victory in the competition.

Watch video below