Aker Energy AS has promoted Mrs Kadijah Amoah as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aker Energy Ghana Limited, effective January 4, 2021.

Until her announcement, Mrs Amoah held the position of Country Director.

“This sends a strong signal that Aker Energy is committed to becoming a fully Ghanaian operator managed and run by Ghanaian employees. Mrs Kadijah Amoah has as Country Director proved her drive, intellect and passion for her native country and the company and we are looking forward to her management of this transition,” says Håvard Garseth, CEO of Aker Energy AS. 

“For the Ghanaian people, we need to get in control of our own destiny and it starts with mastering the development and operation of the vast energy resources we have.

“The 700 million barrels of undeveloped oil in our block and the adjacent AGM block have the potential to transform Ghana, not only the economy but also the competence base. The latter can also be applied over time in other sectors such as the renewables sector,” said Mrs Amoah. 


Mr Garseth will continue to safeguard the technical delivery of the Pecan project while supporting Mrs Amoah’s management of the transition to become a fully run Ghanaian operator. 

“I am humbled by this honour, but also glad that Håvard and his very experienced technical team will continue to support and safeguard the technical delivery until all technical knowledge and competence have been fully transferred to my home country,” said Mrs Amoah. 

In 2020, the technical team, comprising some of the most experienced subsea experts globally, reduced the breakeven estimate significantly through optimising the field development. 

“I am very satisfied with the strong work that the teams in Accra and Oslo have carried out so far. The technical fundamentals of the new concept are strong,” said Mr Garseth.