Repented traditionalist, Nana Agradaa, is unfazed about the mountain of online trolls and negative comments thrown at her over her seemingly failed marriage.

The latest trolling stems from the wedding ceremony of her younger brother which happened over the weekend.

Among the many highlights the ceremony generated, her husband’s absence has taken center stage.

Netizens expressed concerns about the state of her marriage as initial reports suggest her husband has called it quit, and his absence has cemented the fact that there is indeed trouble in their paradise.

Agradaa, known for her strong and outspoken character, took to social media to address the situation.

In a candid post, she asked her trolls to cut her some slack and allow her mind the business that pays her.

She went on to describe her husband as being unsupportive from day one, adding that no action of his will ever come as a surprise to her.

“He didn’t even come to my ordination so if he doesn’t come to my brother’s wedding, please let me be. Afterall the wedding was successful,” she posted.