A medical doctor [name withheld] has narrated how a branch manager of a reputable bank in Ghana duped him of GH¢92,000.00 in seven days.

According to him, this was a bank he had saved with for more than 10 years.

The doctor, speaking on Y’asem Nie, a segment on Adom FM‘s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Wednesday said the incident has affected his life both emotionally and psychologically.

How it all started

The swindled doctor claimed he received series of text messages indicating unauthorised deductions from his account while working one evening.


According to him, all attempts to lodge a complaint to the bank proved futile after more than 20 minutes. Fortunately for him, a friend of his wife who happened to be the relations manager at the bank came to his rescue.

He revealed that, before the said relations manager could salvage the situation, he had already lost some GH¢ 1,800.00.

At the bank

The doctor recounted how he had to travel to Accra from Winneba to seek redress at the bank but was met by a branch manager of the bank who invited the doctor to his office to resolve the situation.

According to him, that was the beginning of his greatest regret in life as he was introduced to a bitcoin investment.


The doctor recalled how the branch manager started to testify about how some persons in the health profession had benefited from it and wanted him to be a part of it. But, he paid no heed to him as he was desperate to retrieve his money.


“The whole thing became very enticing because he made me part of their investment platform where he is the administrator. He was the one taking the money and educating members on how the investment works and because of his big position in the bank, nothing showed he could scam me along with the other members on the platform,” he said.

“I trusted him to the extent that I even invited a few friends of mine to join. I initially invested $3,200 upon joining the group, and received some $400 commission on it,” he added.

However, he revealed the members suspected a scam after payment of their dividends were continually postponed after some time.


“Confronting the branch manager and threatening to report him to the police for scam, he became furious, blocked me from his line and also deleted me from the telegram group. I lost $16,000 and my friend whom I introduced to the group also lost $15,000. In total, the group lost in excess of $50,000 to him,” he recalled.

The police didn’t help

The case, which he said, was reported to the police in September 2018 was handled with excuses and reluctance from the police who took over a month to take a statement from the accused.

The case was later forwarded to the Attorney General’s office in December 2018, but till now nothing has been done about it.


“This issue for the past 18 months has been a great source of pain in my life,” he lamented.

He recounted an incident in which a secretary to a leading officer in the police service with whom he wanted to meet over the issue, insulted him and asked if he knew the number of policemen and women who have been swindled.

The duped doctor says the only thing he knows about the suspect, is he being the branch manager of the bank he saves with and does not even know his surname or where he lives.