First dates are so important.

First dates are the make or break point in most budding romantic relationships. You know what they say, you never get the chance to make a good first impression.

From the first date, you get to decide if you want to see them a second time or even begin a relationship.

Here are some things you should never do on a first date;

Don’t be mean to waiters or your date. Don’t get angry over petty things or blast off at people. Don’t sound condescending.

Everyone wants to be with someone interested in them and going late to the date makes them think that you are not that interested in them.

Yes, you have issues but your date is not a therapist. Can you hold on with the unresolved trauma till much later?

Also, talking about your ex is something you want to avoid because it just shows you are not over them yet and no one wants to be with someone who will be running back to their ex anytime soon.

Drop your phone and be with your date, if you are constantly pressing your phone, it feels like you don’t want to be there. So put your phone aside and concentrate.

Also, don’t be a content creator, taking a million and one pictures of the food, the restaurant or yourself. Don’t come off as a social media freak.

You should not be mute and boring, but if you talk too much, you can seem like a talkative person who loves hearing the sound of her voice, so strike a nice balance and have a decent conversation by listening and talking.

Finally, inquire about splitting the bill with him and do not eat like you haven’t seen food in years.