Hot video: How ‘mad’ people survived Atomic junction explosion

Source: Ghana/ Gyasiwaa Agyeman   

In the heat of pandemonium following a gas explosion at Atomic junction in Accra, some mentally derailed people who were sleeping just behind the facility were miraculously survived.

Both men and women numbering about 20 who did not realized the danger they were in, started jubilating when they saw the fire ball but were quickly whisked away by a Good Samaritan.

The man who identifies himself as Prophet Black Moses in an exclusive interview on Kofi TV said he was touched by the Holy Spirit to rush there and saved the old men and women suffering from dementia.

He revealed that, majority of them who refused to be evacuated did not have a scratch on their skin.

“When I got here, they were jubilating seeing the fire but I managed to some out but those who refused to go with me were saved when I returned the next day” he added.

Prophet Black Moses who claims to have healing powers for mental ailment said the mentally derailed men and women did not run from the scene because it was the first time they had seen such light in the bush.

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Meanwhile, the Ghana National Fire Service is set to release a report detailing the cause of the explosion which has left seven dead and over hundred injured.

It will focus on actions to be taken immediately by government and how lives and property will safeguarded in and around the premises of fuel stations.